Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanks and Calling for help again

Thanks everyone for your help picking out pillows. It was fun to see your opinions. After much deliberations (and nudging from my husband) I picked........ the diamond pillows with the tassels. They were a little more feminine and I liked the variety of style. Thanks again for your opinions and I'm enjoying my new living room colors (light blue and dark brown - in case you couldn't tell.)

Also, one of my children (I won't name names for their sake) has a REAL bad habbit of nose picking. This habbit doesn't harm anybody, it just grosses me out, so I'm willing to just wait it out if need be, but if you have any pointers (pun intended) please let me know! Thanks


My friend, Kim, has a fun website where she's selling cute things she's made. There's lots of items ranging from hair bows to clothing to homemade cards. Have fun checking it out!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dancing and a plea for help

Here's a video of Lucy and Dallin (mostly Lucy) dancing this morning:

Pretty cute (Lucy smashed her head on the bookcase at the end)
Susan has been looking for some new pillows to go on our couch. Instead of waiting for her in stores while she goes through piles and piles of pillows I got an idea of what she was looking for and brought these two home. She likes them both but can't bring herself to pick one so I can take the losing pair back to the store. If you could voice your opinion maybe that'd help.
slick blue with tassles:

Susan took a little break after breakfast the other day.