Friday, November 14, 2008

Some Pictures and ... um brief commentary

Last Monday, I shot this beautiful buck between Big Timber and Two Dot MT. Susan and I had fun chasing him around for a little bit then I lined up a shot at about 200yds. It took us 20min to dress him and about 1 hour to drag him down a drainage, under a fence and across a field. By then Susan had met up with her dad and he met me along the fence line in his truck. It was dark by then.

Dallin finally had enough hair that he needed a trim.

Dallin's Birthday was a success, we had a delicious and lovely Thomas the train cake but the blue frosting had a way of getting everywhere and the cake kind of crashed on its own.

First week of October we got 2 feet of snow, we had a good time playing and shoveling. It was soon gone and we had some great weather! Especially for Halloween (where are the costume pictures anyway?)

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