Sunday, May 04, 2008

a little catch-up

This is actually Susan blogging this time, not Devin.
I check back on our blog often to read the comments, so PLEASE leave a comment so I can enjoy the little squirt of excited I get when I see someone has been here. The comments are my favorite part about blogging. I'll try to do the same. Thanks for humoring me!

One night for family home evening we rocked out to some music in our living room. Although I didn't catch the best parts on this video, Lucy and Dallin were really gettin' down! It's awesome to have such energetic and playful kids!

I decided to take the kids to the Children's Museum on the spur of the moment Thursday. They both fell asleep on the way there after they ate their sandwiches, so they even got a little snooze beforehand. I couldn't have planned it better - wait, I didn't plan on them sleeping, but it sure worked out great. Can you ever plan on kids sleeping when you want them to?

It's a good thing we played in the water last b/c Lucy and Dallin were both soaked by the end!

Lucy reading to her baby to put her to sleep. Dallin liked the shopping cart. Just his size!

I couldn't for the life of me get Dallin to look at me with a smile for either of these photos. He liked the tool belt and hard hat a lot but put up with humoring me with the fireman jacket. I think he's adorable!

Lucy ate up the stage and loved the zebra costume. I couldn't tell if she liked her zebra striped face or not, but I thought she was pretty cute. Dallin had little whiskers on his face (I'm not very creative).

Since we have giant pieces of packing paper around, the kids love coloring and drawing on it. Here they're using up the last of their glitter pens so I can throw them away instead of pack them. I'm looking forward to unpacking the paper and seeing their cute scribbles.

Daddy and Lucy took naps together on the couch last Sunday and I couldn't resist the picture. Aahhh. Lucy LOVES her daddy.

We went to a minor league baseball game last Monday in Portland but Lucy's attention was all on their beaver mascot. We took a walk down by him to say hi. She was pretty shy but managed to get up the courage to shake his hand and tail and do a little jig for him. Since it was a Monday night not very many people were there and Lucy was so captivated by the beaver that we couldn't resist and moved our seat right next to him so she could enjoy him the rest of the game. I think I left the camera out in the car so I don't have any pics unfortunately. It was a chilly evening but we got free hot chocolate which Lucy and Dallin each drank their own entire cup of.
We're trying to do some more fun activities around this area before we leave. Portland is a fun town with lots to do, so we'll miss the entertainment. We even scored free tickets to a Trail Blazer game a few months ago through the laser eye surgery office Devin was externing at! We were on the "Lexus Level" (I know, we were important that night!) and got all sorts of free food. It was a close game, but the Blazers pulled it off in the end so it was exciting and a great memory.
Saturday we went to the Chinese Garden in Portland and enjoyed the beauty there. All of the plants, trees, rocks, water, etc. are very symbolic and it helped me appreciate the Chinese culture, traditions, and way of life a little more. This beautiful, peaceful garden is in the middle of downtown Portland so it's cool it can be so serene at the same time. It was beautiful. We'll miss a lot of things about this area when we move and a lot of people too. I just had to say goodbye this evening to a good friend whom I admire a whole lot. Bye Heather and I can't wait to check your new blog!
On a happier note, I'm looking forward next week to seeing a lot of friends we haven't seen since May of last year. It will be fun to visit one last time before graduation and see how their kids have grown. Wow! We're really going out into the real world now, huh?!
Unfortunately, no word yet on a solid job offer in Livingston, MT yet, but we're hoping for the best and know of some availability in Billings if Livingston doesn't work out. I'm looking forward to being back in MT near family and having a yard for my kids to play on this summer!! No more creepy people please!
When we hear back about a job we'll be sure to post!