Thursday, December 04, 2008

Thanksgiving and Family pics

We had a great time over Thanksgiving visiting my brother and his family in Laramie WY. He smoked a turkey and it was delicious! we had a huge selection of pie. My brother and I went out early to look for deals the day after. The best deal was the tank of gas my bro got for $18!! not bad, maybe lowering fuel costs will help spur some increases in consumer confidence coupled with lowered interest rates and soon people will stop saying we're in trouble. We had fun at the Laramie swim center and hanging out. We took advantage of my brothers photography hobby too: look pretty good huh?

Monday, December 01, 2008

Wall-E...From my phone

here's a video of Lucy and Dallin trying to say "Wall-E" like the movie. They saw it at their cousins' house and liked it. Lucy especially nailed it on the last one I think.

If you don't know what movie this is you'll get what they're trying to do by clicking here.