Friday, November 09, 2007

Back in Oregon

Well, we made it back to Oregon for my last two rotations and we now have internet connection! that's going to make posting more regularly a lot easier.

We had a good move with a couple of exciting weeks including Dallin's B-day! and Halloween. Dallin dressed as Charlie Brown and Lucy was...Lucy (get it?) costume pictures will come later.


We had a party at our friends' house with some little boys. The theme was dump trucks so Susan made dump cake that we ate in little trucks with icecream. Balloons? yes, streamers? yes recipe for first-birthday-fun. He's a great kid and we're all glad he's around. We love his chearful nature and quick smile.

Lucy is growing fast too! she's abandoning the diapers!!!! for more civilized methods. That's got us all very excited.

The sad news about coming back was that our good friends were ready to leave for rotations too. We've been together through a lot of things and they have been true friends for a long time now. Sadness, for sure. Hopefully we'll be able to keep in touch.

more posts coming hopefully.