Friday, February 09, 2007

Progress ...

We've been enjoying the new year in spite of the typical colds and sniffles. I'm really glad to be in my last semester of class work but it's harder and harder to find motivation with the light at the end of the tunnel in sight.

Lucy is better and better at letting us know what she wants. She has no problem asking for cookies and candy but she's not as good at dealing with the disapointment when we say "not this time". (Who knows where she learned to throw a fit so well?) The tantrums are getting fewer and further between and her vocabulary is expanding. Her aim at throwing things at her brother (in love) is pretty good.

Dallin loves to smile and laugh most of the day and is so busy growing that he has no time for pesky naps or going to sleep at night. He will do it, but not without getting his two cents broadcasted throughout the neighborhood. He's so big! We really like his company and he really likes to "play" with his big sister. The other night, we played hide and seek with Lucy seeking and Dallin and I hiding. Dallin hid underneath a blanket and kicked and giggled and I (Dad) hid behind Lucy's inflatable sled. Lucy ran in and checked the closet (her preferred hiding place) and almost stepped on the wiggly blanket. After lots of clues, Mom helped Lucy find Dallin from under the blanket (but, by that time he'd escaped most of the way out) and she found me easily, talk about fun.