Monday, July 07, 2008

How do I love my kids? Let me count the ways...

I just love my kids!

Often Dallin will come up to me while I'm standing up doing something and give my leg a tight, quick bear hug and then leave. It warms my heart every time. Yesterday (ok, two days ago since it's now 1 am Mon. morning-I took a nap today) Devin and I were all worn out. Devin and his Dad were busy leveling some ground (in this case a harder job than one might expect) in the backyard for the sandbox they're going to make-I'm very excited for my kids- and I was tired from cleaning the house and making dinner for my family and the in-laws, which included my mother-in-law's delicious rolls that in my case turned out more closely resembling hockey pucks. They're worth a second try, though. Anyway, we were both worn out after dinner and I was washing the dishes. Devin was holding Dallin and walked up beside me to get him a drink of water. I asked Dallin for a kiss and he cordially obliged, which followed by giving Devin a kiss, then Mommy, then Daddy, then Mommy, then Daddy, then Mommy, then Daddy, and on and on and on. We were trying hard to hold back the laughs b/c I wanted to see how long he would go on. Eventually it turned into two kisses for mommy and one kiss for daddy, two for mom, one for dad, and that continued for a while. Then, continuing with the two for mom and one for dad, he alternated between kisses on the cheek and kisses on the lips. Minutes later his kisser finally got tired out. Ahh, what a cutie. Sometimes these kids of ours can sure lighten our loads!

I love it when Lucy walks up to me and throws her arms around me and says, "I like you Mommy." or "Are you happy, Mommy?"
Devin was browsing the internet earlier that same day with Lucy on his lap. He found a video of these amazingly flexible girls bending their bodies in all these gut-wrenching angles. Lucy was quite intrigued and proceeded to ask her dad "why" this and "why" that. Being the "extraordinary" parents that we are we try to answer all the "why" questions any human adult can possibly muster up the energy and patience to answer. And so began the hour of "whys". Well, probably not an hour, but Devin did count the number of "whys" she asked in one minute and concluded that if she continued asking "why" at that same rate all day she would have asked "why" (I think this is right) 2,160 times by bedtime! I'm tired just thinking about that. The number of whys during that minute were fairly high, but some days seem like the questions will never end!

And so.... that leads to my big question I'm dying to see your answers to. How many times does your little critter ask you "why" in one day? Take any given one or two minutes and count how many times they ask and then multiply that by whatever number you need to to get the answer for the whole day. I'm looking forward to seeing your answers!

My other question is.... How many times do you have to ask your child to do something before they actually do what you asked them to do? Sometimes I want to pull my hair out! Do I hear any amens??? Remember what I said earlier about how kids can lighten the load? well, sometimes I think they're pull too (in the opposite direction!) :)

~Today's Recap~
We have church at 9a.m. which, although we love getting out at 12pm, presents a challenge getting there on time. This morning was no exception. I woke up later than I should have. Lucy was grumpy and didn't want to comply with anything we asked her to do. Dallin didn't want anything to do with me and Lucy decided she needed a second breakfast while Dallin was eatting his which was minutes before we had to go. Luckily we have an amazing Dad in the house who got us all ready and to church with the diaper bag packed complete with lunch for the drive home! After church Devin reported to me that the nursery teacher said both kids were great and Lucy was so happy and helpful the whole time (where was that sweet little girl this morning?).
We had dinner with Grandma and Grandpa today and we were enjoying a nice gospel discussion when Devin left to find the kids. Soon after he called for me and I followed a disgusting smell down the hall to the back bedroom. To my horror I found him there taking off Dallin's shoes and Lucy commenting about the stinky smell. One of Wendy's (Devin's sister) dogs had pooped in there and Dallin stepped in it and traced it all over the bedroom. Luckily he stayed in one room, though. I immediately took his shoes outside and began cleaning off the poop. Devin and Wendy started cleaning the poop off of the carpet. Not long after that Devin hears water being sloshed around in his parents' bathroom. He investigates the noise and finds Dallin with the plunger in the toilet working like he meant it. About the same time this is happening Devin's Dad accidentally leaves the front door a little ajar. Wendy's two dogs figure out how to open it the rest of the way and escape outside. Neither one likes to come back very quickly, but one is particularly difficult to get back. I'm in the backyard cleaning off the shoe and I see both dogs run down to the road below me. Devin and Wendy were soon to follow with Lucy offering her help as well. To wrap up a big ordeal, the dogs were finally caught, I got the shoe clean, and the carpet is looking better (not to mention smelling better too). It's been an interesting Sunday....

Happy 4th of July everyone! We stood and sang "The Star Spangled Banner" in church today and it brought tears to my eyes. I sure do love this country we live in. I am so appreciative to the men and women in the armed forces!!! They volunteer to sacrifice more than I can imagine. The other thing that brings tears to my eyes is during the 4th of July parade watching the old men walk or ride down the street in uniform holding the flag high. Gratitude and admiration fills me from head to toe!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! So, the next time you hear someone (usually the media) complaining about the US, just remember and help them remember, too, what we have -our priviledges, rights, and responsibilities- just because we live in the United States. We are truly blessed!