Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dancing and a plea for help

Here's a video of Lucy and Dallin (mostly Lucy) dancing this morning:

Pretty cute (Lucy smashed her head on the bookcase at the end)
Susan has been looking for some new pillows to go on our couch. Instead of waiting for her in stores while she goes through piles and piles of pillows I got an idea of what she was looking for and brought these two home. She likes them both but can't bring herself to pick one so I can take the losing pair back to the store. If you could voice your opinion maybe that'd help.
slick blue with tassles:

Susan took a little break after breakfast the other day.


Parrish Family said...

Nice job on picking out the pillows Devin! I love both styles. But if I had to choose one I think I would pick the ones with the diamonds. They go really well with the couch and the rug. I think if i were you I would keep them all!

Kim-the-girl said...

I'd say the stripes... sorry that doesn't help too much. I think they suit your family more. Plus, looks like Susan probably got some drool on them. ;o) Good job and I agree, I'd probably just keep them both.

Ginger said...

I say diamonds because you don't want to be to matchy with the striped pillows and the striped rug.

Eric and Julia said...

Julia: I say the blue diamond ones, otherwise it was a little too much stripes.

Eric: I like the stripes...I just think they look good.

Conclusion: Maybe you should keep them both and trade each week... or you could keep one of each :)

Amy B said...

I like the blue ones with tassles best. They just seem more lively and bright. They both look good though.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure they will take that striped pillow back after Susan drooled on it????

Rachael said...

I like the diamond ones. Devin, you are really showing your breadth of talent. One week you have a picture of yourself next to an animal that you killed with your bare hands (that were holding a gun) and the next week, you show us the throw pillows you selected.

Adespain said...

Your kids are super cute. Sorry we missed the vote on the pillows. We feel a irreparable void in our lives having not been able to participate. Your adorable offspring have charmed us into adoration and we look forward to attempting their exciting and exotic new dance steps.

Andrea with Jordon's embellishments.

Devin said...

Rachael, wow thanks for noticing, i am CONSTANTLY telling Susan how incredible i am so nice to hear someone agree. However, most would find that my talents run a mile wide but an inch deep. :)