Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanks and Calling for help again

Thanks everyone for your help picking out pillows. It was fun to see your opinions. After much deliberations (and nudging from my husband) I picked........ the diamond pillows with the tassels. They were a little more feminine and I liked the variety of style. Thanks again for your opinions and I'm enjoying my new living room colors (light blue and dark brown - in case you couldn't tell.)

Also, one of my children (I won't name names for their sake) has a REAL bad habbit of nose picking. This habbit doesn't harm anybody, it just grosses me out, so I'm willing to just wait it out if need be, but if you have any pointers (pun intended) please let me know! Thanks


Kim-the-girl said...

no idea. Jonas has no qualms whatsoever about picking and eating just about anything on his body. I wish I could control him, but alas, there are just some things I have NO control over! Good luck! Thanks for the link to my etsy too! Very kind of you!

Terra said...

I like your new pillows and your house looks so nice.