Sunday, November 02, 2008

Here we are!

Some of you have been wondering about our situation since our lack of blogging has left a small void in your life. We're doing well but were without internet for awhile. Now we're back online a bit. We've moved to Billings and are renting a duplex with a garage and a yard! I'm splitting my time between a private practice and doing eye exams at Sears. I'm always busy at the private practice and things are picking up at Sears slowly but I can pretty much do things my own way which is nice. Lucy is in preschool with her aunt here and LOVES it. When I take her to school she says "you don't have to walk me in just go Dad" She's so loving and cute. Dallin is such a great little boy two years old now! We'll get some birthday pics and stuff soon. We had a couple feet of snow the first weekend in October and had a lot of fun but it all melted quickly and gave way to a beautiful fall/indian summer that is still hanging on. Halloween was so much fun we had lots of cousins for our kids to trick-or-treat with and the weather was super! We love being in Billings close to family and are making some friends. Montanans are very friendly and we just plain feel at home. In other news, I've got a sweet new mountain bike and have really enjoyed breaking it in at two moon park and up on the rims. We're pretty happy. More stuff coming soon.


Terra said...

Well it's about time! We've missed you guys.

Kim-the-girl said...

Glad you're alive and kickin' keep the news coming!

Petronella said...

Great to hear from you. I have been visiting your blog periodically in hopes of finding so news :) That's fun you are living by family. Take care.