Monday, July 28, 2008

3 little comments

The other day Devin was trying to hook up our little DVD player to the t.v. so the kids could watch a movie. There are a bunch of cords behind the t.v. and while he was searching for the right cords, or something like that, he ended up accidentally pulling a bunch of stuff down and all crashed behind the entertainment center. Lucy, in much despair, said, "Dad, you're ruining our house!" I thought it was very funny and I hope her house doesn't just revolve around the t.v.!

We bought Dallin a Superman baseball cap a couple of weeks ago and he's pretty attatched. Don't even think about taking it off his head without his permission. He's so adorable when he takes his hat off, scratches his head with his other hand, and then puts it back on. I crack up laughing every time.

We got home late Saturday night from my ten-year h.s. class reunion (which was a lot of fun) and I was very, very tired. After I bathed the kids Devin sent me to bed and he put the kids to bed by himself. What a great man I married! Thanks.


Jake and Krista said...

Those are way funny stories! Thanks for the tip on the sink. That is what we are gonna have to do cause I have tried everything and nothing will get them off!

Barney Family Blog said...

How funny! What cute kiddos. We have a superman lover too, well pretty much any super hero or guys with a sword.

Kim-the-girl said...

I can just picture him scratching his head (he has always had an affinity for that) and replacing his cap, he is too cute! I also LOVE that Lucy accused Devin of ruining the house, so funny!

Carrie said...

Justin and I found your blog, and wanted to say "HI". Hope you guys are doing well.Our blog is

The Grahams

Loren said...

Hey guys. Still alive? You're probably so busy making so much money optometrizing (optometrating?) everyone that you don't have time to post.