Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sringtime Posts

This is my (Susan's) first post, so I hope you enjoy my attempts. I was looking for my cell phone one day and after looking in all the kids' usual hiding spots I still came up empty. I finally had to put my tail between my legs and ask our neighbor friends to call it so I could find it. Although it took a few calls I finally found it and when I did I busted up laughing! Dallin loves to shove little things into this toy that blows balls out of the top and if they're not small enough they often get stuck about the same place as you can see my phone got stuck. The toy makers must have kids too b/c luckily they thought it through enough to make the toy so that it comes apart and goes back together easily. I just had to take the whole shabang to our neighbors to show them Dallin's handywork. We all had a big laugh.

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