Saturday, January 19, 2008


beard from Sunday before Christmas to 1/18

over-worked and under-paid

we went to zoo lights

lotsa bounty

neighborhood Nick

Christmas Eve Dinner

So much has happened since my last post. I took part 2 of the national board exams and am waiting for the results (Feb 2 at the latest). We had a terrific Christmas even though we were disappointed that Linnaea didn't come on account of her fighting shingles (first picked up by an O.D. by the way as it started out on her conj). We welcomed the new year in Moses Lake with Jordon and Andrea and her family we had a great time and even learned a new card game called telefunque from Andrea's grandma. I didn't shave for my time off and had a good start on a beard so I decided not to shave it until boards results get back. (It's been a fun project I guess, kind of itchy and it's all anyone wants to talk about when they see you for the first time. I also understand that federal regulations limit pilot's facial hair because it can interfere with suction from their oxygen masks if they need them.) Dallin also started walking much better at Moses Lake and he loves it. I've been enjoying my rotation at the laser surgery center and I'm getting anxious for graduation. I've applied to some pediatric residencies and will hopefully have everything ironed out in March with them. Lucy continues to grow and is such a great little girl. She loves her family and wrestling her brother. She continues her tantrum hobby with some vigor however, but we're starting to see eye to eye more and more.


Ginger said...

Remember when you tried to grow a beard our freshman year at Wyoming? I have a picture. I remember having to zoom in a lot for it! Maybe I'll have to post it for fun. But that would involve scanning, and I'm not that old fashioned. Anyway, your beard now-a-days is a lot better then back then. Good job.

Joseph Sandiego said...

Devin, you should take daily pictures of your face and make it into a time-lapse movie of your beard growing.