Sunday, July 29, 2007


Well, we're excited about moving to Washington for the next rotation. We will miss our pool and the friends here we've made but we won't miss the cockroaches (there are no roaches in Colorado you say?) Lucy and Dallin seem to have grown up so much lately. Lucy has always had a lot to say but now we can understand most of it! Dallin rolls around all over the place but is getting interested in crawling I think. Still super happy baby boy. We've enjoyed being near family a lot and will miss my brother and sister.
My Bro took these pictures of my incredible disc golf skills, clearly I need more practice. You've got to admit though, the cheesy look on my face helps a lot.

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KellyAnne said...

Hey Despains. It's fun to see the cute pictures of your kids! So where are you going in Washington? If you ever need to take a trip, I hear Whidbey Island is a great vacation spot and there are nice people there. :) Hee hee. Come see us if you get a chance!