Sunday, April 22, 2007

Special Day!!

Friday April 20 marked the last day of my classroom education!! This last year is clinical experience at different practices but no more lecture-style classes. YIPPEE!!! Today is also a big day for little Dallin, He's six months old!! Can he sit up? You bet! Does he smile all day? Pretty much! Is he chunky and happy? yep! Solid food? Doesn't go for it, though he liked the pickle we let him try. We love him and really enjoy playing with him. After I got outa class, we spent the afternoon at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival for a good time. Enjoy the pics:


Anonymous said...


And aaaawwww!

Your nephew was a pickle fan too. One of his first words was "picka". As a toddler he'd stand in front of the fridge and holler "picka-picka-picka-picka-picka-picka-picka...." until someone came and got him a gerkin.

Ginger said...

Go Susan!!!!That climbing looks like fun!

And good job to you too Devin.