Sunday, November 19, 2006

Almost a month with two

I can't believe we've had two kids now for almost a month. We've been very grateful that Dallin has been such an easy baby and Lucy is fitting in well to her new role as big sister. Even Susan is fealing better. We're especially thankful that grandparents were able to come help out for a few weeks. We really appreciated the help and support. Dallin has been to the doc a few times and has been growing just like he should. He is already well over 9 lbs! We're not used to having such a big (normal-sized) baby. He only cries when he's hungry and usually sleeps really well. I think he's the "strong, silent type". Susan is recovering mostly without problems just a few little things cropping up now and then and we've had some tough nights but we've managed to get by and it's a real blessing to see our family grow. School is going well, I'm counting down to my second to last finals week ever!

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