Thursday, August 24, 2006

Turns out people look at this

update: After taking part one of national boards in optometry (two days 450 questions, results pending) We took a trip to Montana for some well needed vacation time.

We first arrived in Alder near the Ruby reservoir and spent a week with Susan's dad. We spent our time looking for deer and mountain sheep, hiking, riding in grandpa's boat, and exploring Virginia City. We had a great time and with great company. We also visited some of Susan's friends and took Lucy to the Madison County fair so she could work on learning her animal noises.

After that, we went to Idaho Falls to see Jacob's wedding and spend some time with Susan's uncle and cousins. They went through with it and we had a great time. Lucy got to see her great-grandpa (and snap his suspenders) and some other family and we got some good rest with Susan's family. We gave a ride to Charlotte's kids who had been visiting too. On our way, we saw a street called Vision Drive, but there was no house with a 2020 address.

Then it was on to Bozeman for a week. We were able to play with my folks and had a great time hiking, playing dominoes, and spending time with grandpa, grandma and aunt Wendy.

We spent the rest of our time in Dillon with Susan's mom. Lucy loved Grandma's wading pool and scooter. We had a picnic and played games and got some rest before starting the long trip back.

Lucy did pretty well in the car. With a few toys, stops, and naps.

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