Wednesday, November 23, 2005

First food and other news

A while ago we let Lucy try sucking on a banana, then an orange. She REALLY liked them. In fact, anytime we held her on our laps during a meal she'd attack our plate even if it meant she could suck on the rim. And if we ate in front of her without giving her a taste she'd get very upset quickly. So she had to join us for dinner from the comfort of a blanket on the floor. Last night she got her first rice cereal meal. She ate it really well, swollowing and everything! She took it very seriously and was all business. Her doctor apointment went well, she's growing but is still tiny (12 lbs, 24 inches 1st percentile weight, 10th for height). Our doctor isn't worried though and pointed out that Lucy is a name for a petitte person anyway. She got 5 vaccinations but didn't cry as bad as she has for her other shots. She can sit on her own for around ten seconds and makes lots of cute noises.

In other news, school is demanding and difficult but I've managed to keep my head above water. I'm excited to go on an Amigos trip to Baja over Christmas break. We'll spend a week giving free eye care and glasses to anyone who needs it. With all this school work it'll be nice to see if my skills really will be of benefit to mankind. I went on a vision screening for special olympics athletes on Saturday and enjoyed it very much.

We're getting ready for a great Thanksgiving here too! Isaac's sister is on a mission near here and she's coming to join us for the day. Also my cousin Jake who is in my class will be here too. We're looking forward to a relaxing day and rest of the week.

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